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History of the site

The first faint concept and start, in 2017, of came , when I researched — for documentaries I was working on —  footage of the 1944 Westerbork film made by the German-Jewish filmmaker  Rudolf Breslauer — documenting the everyday life in the Westerbork transit camp , and the deportations. That girl in the film wearing a head scarf looking out of the freight train wagon in Westerbork made me further study the discovery of her name Settela Steinbach and story by the dutch research journalist Aad Wagenaar.  However , I kept this site dormant and private until May 19, 2019 – 75 years after the deportation of Settela Steinbach. 

Current focus

The focus of this ‘Settela’ site currently is primarily on the Westerbork Film – the history, meaning and use of the film as a document and as footage in other media and different contexts with topics such as appropriation.

Further culture and fate of Settela, Sinti and Roma, and the Holocaust and – to a lesser extent – World War II in Holland, are expected to be addressed on this site -a site in constant development.

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